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CMC Electronics Awarded PC-21 Avionics Contract by Pilatus Aircraft

CMC Electronics has signed a multi-year contract with Swiss-based Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. for the purchase of its cutting-edge avionics solutions for the PC-21 Next Generation Trainer. This contract includes the supply of the Head-Up Display (HUD) sub-system, the Flight Management System, and the GNSS receiver.

The award follows the acquisition of additional PC-21 turboprop-powered advanced trainers by Spain, an order that will bring Spain’s PC-21 fleet to 40 aircraft.

CMC’s HUD sub-system comprises the SparrowHawk HUD, which features a comprehensive set of Up Front Control Panels (UGCP) in both the front and rear cockpits, along with a HUD camera. Additionally, the subsystem includes a HUD Symbol Generator and a Video Display Unit (VDU) specifically designed for the rear seat instructor. The SparrowHawk HUD is a compact unit with a wide 25-degree Total Field of View (TFOV) capable of seamlessly displaying both raster video and stroke symbology.

CMC’s highly versatile civil-certified flight management systems (FMS) are easy to install, integrate and configure. Their specialized functions reduce pilot workload during mission-critical operations, and their integrated radio management system optimizes size, weight, power and cost. CMC’s FMS also comply with the latest required navigation performance (RNP) and satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) approach standards.


The CMA-5024 GNSS receiver offers Pilatus’ aircraft a cost-effective ADS-B Out solution and a high performance SBAS navigation sensor for all phases of flight. Recognized for its quality, reliability, versatility, reputation, and proven track record, the receiver can be easily installed as a bolt-on solution with minimal aircraft modifications, requiring less than a day for installation.

“CMC Electronics and Pilatus have had a longstanding collaboration spanning over two decades, with more than 300 HUD sub-systems as well as more than 500 FMS and 300 GPS already delivered to Pilatus. The selection of CMC Electronics for this contract demonstrates Pilatus’ continued trust in CMC’s avionics solutions,” said Brad Nolen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CMC Electronics.

CMC Electronics is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge avionics solutions, and this contract win further solidifies its position as a trusted provider in the industry. The company looks forward to delivering its high-quality avionics systems to support the operational needs of Pilatus and the Spanish Air Force’s growing PC-21 fleet.

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