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Could This Be the Design for Canada’s Next Gen Warship?

For our Cover Story in this issue on the Type 26, Global Combat Ship (GCS) CDR sent European Correspondent, Tim Mahon, to BAE Systems ship yards in Scotland to learn all about this 21st century warship that is due to replace the Type 23 frigate as the workhorse of the Royal Navy in the UK.

Type 26 is of particular interest to Canada as it may well be the design Canada is looking for to satisfy its CSC (Canada Surface Combatant) requirement and as you will note from Tim’s article, the timing couldn’t be better for Canada as BAE Systems will be delivering its first ships to the Royal Navy just around the time that Canada is looking to complete construction of its new warships.

In fact, as you will learn from Tim’s report, the Type 26 program is running about 3 years ahead of Canada’s CSC program and they plan to cut steel in 2017 with ships to be delivered in the early 2020s through the 2030s so the two programs dovetail together quite nicely, meaning Canada can be assured it is acquiring the very latest in naval technology.

One of the important points that came out in the article was the fact that, as reps from BAE told CDR, the company is not just looking to sell a ship to Canada, “… it intends to provide intellectual property”. And, this is good news for Canada as it looks to maximize its investment in this country’s long term ship building capability.

And, you may also be surprised to learn from Tim’s piece that Canadian companies are already contributing to the Type 26 program in the UK where Rolls-Royce Canada, for example, is providing the design for the Mission Bay Handling System (MBHS) which is a critically important component of Type 26’s capability package.

For much more on Type 26 Global Combat Ship and how it may provide a solution to Canada’s CSC program, we urge you to read our Cover Story in this issue.



After his whirlwind tour of BAE shipyards in Scotland, Tim travelled to Farnborough for the famous biennial air show where he conducted some key interviews for CDR, including a sit down with John Maris, the current chairman of AIAC (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada) and we can report here that Tim came away from that chat with John – who, in his day job is president of his own company, Marinvent –  with a renewed sense of optimism about the aerospace industry in general and Canada’s industry in particular. Look for a detailed interview with Maris in an upcoming issue of CDR.

But, Tim was not the only CDR staffer pounding the pavement at Farnborough this year. As he has done in past years, Senior Staff Writer, Joetey Attariwala, worked the Farnborough show, this time after stopping by RIAT where he witnessed Lockheed Martin’s F-35 perform in its very first air show and where CAE showcased the same aircraft it is proposing together with Draken International, for Canada’s CATS program.

As you will learn from Joetey’s report, Farnborough was, as always, a beehive of activity with Canadian companies like Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Viking and Bell Helicopter promoting their made-in-Canada products at this international aerospace marketplace. For a true insider’s report on what went on at Farnborough from a Canadian perspective, we suggest you read Joetey’s firsthand report in this issue. 



This issue of CDR typically features a major report on Canada’s Navy and after a busy week at Farnborough, Joetey was able to sit down, as part of our Report on the Navy, for a feature interview with his old friend Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, with whom he had the pleasure of sailing while Lloyd was Commander of the Pacific Fleet.

But, now Lloyd is the new Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy and there is a lot to talk about as Canada’s Navy goes through a period of unprecedented change and revitalization. In a wide ranging interview, Lloyd comments on a future submarine capability, the challenges of securing a three ocean nation, new supply ships, Arctic sovereignty, CSC and much more. We urge you to read the Feature Interview with Vice-Admiral Lloyd in this issue of CDR as part of our annual report on Canada’s Navy.    

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