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GDMS-C Awarded Four Land C4ISR Contracts for the Canadian Army Valued at $1.68 Billion

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada was awarded four contracts – cumulatively valued at up to $1.68 Billion CDN – by the Government of Canada to support the Land Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) system for the Canadian Army. The four contracts for the Land Command Support System (LCSS) are as follows: System of Systems Engineering & Integration, Core Network, Applications, and Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR).

Land C4ISR comprises various systems and technologies that allow the military to see, hear, connect, and interact with what is happening in the world around them. It helps them gather and share information quickly and efficiently, enabling them to act faster in making critical decisions. General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada will deliver the next generation of Land C4ISR systems to Canada, enabling an ecosystem where future advancements can be easily integrated into the core network.

“Over three decades ago, we were awarded a contract to create the first fully integrated voice and data network in the world – this was the beginning of the digitization of the Canadian Army. Today we are looking forward to furthering our collaborative partnership with Canada in order to meet the forward operational needs of the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Andrew Shepherd, Vice President Land & Joint Solutions, General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada. “We are both excited and proud to be on the ground alongside our soldiers, innovating and delivering state-of the-art capabilities for the Canadian Army.”

“General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada has been supporting the CAF for over 75 years. We are fortunate to have exceptional staff located in Ottawa, Calgary, Sherbrooke, and Halifax with superb engineering and technical talent that enables us to innovate and excel alongside our industry and government colleagues,” said Joel Houde, Vice President and General Manager of General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada. “We are prepared to meet the challenges of the modern battlespace, and will continue the digitization of the Canadian Armed Forces today and into the future.”

Part of every Canadian Army vehicle, weapons platform, and headquarters, the Land C4ISR system helps to coordinate and conduct modern operations. Specifically:

  • The SoS Engineering & Integration Sustainment Contract will provide the Architecture and Design of the system, and ensure full integration for the collective Land C4ISR capabilities. The project will define the Armed Forces’ needs and resulting system requirements, and is responsible for the overall integration of the Land C4ISR projects, including integration of systems from the Soldier Domain, Mobile Domain, Headquarters Domain, and both ISTAR and Simulation assets. The project will deliver both a state of the art facility and a new vehicle bay for the Canadian Armed Forces – each located within the General Dynamics campus in Bells Corners, and will be used to support ongoing Land C4ISR work.
  • The Core Network Sustainment Services Contract will provide support of the Land C4ISR Core Network which comprises services across all domains, and delivers the digital backbone of the Land C4ISR capability, including the Soldier Domain (SD), Mobile Domain (MD), and Headquarters Domain (HQ). The Core Network is central to the ability of the Canadian Army to control, manage, and distribute Intelligence gathered by soldiers.
  • The Applications Sustainment Services Contract will provide support of all user-facing services and software – which leverage the Mobile Domain (MD) and Headquarters (HQ) Domain – to deliver capability to the end user. Today’s militaries operate in an information rich environment where every electronic system generates data. Information generated by services and software is transported by the Land C4ISR system from its origin point to destination.
  • The Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Contract is comprised of standalone systems, integrated sub-systems and products for specialized ISR services. This project is central to the ability of the Canadian Army to control, manage, and distribute intelligence gathered by soldiers and from Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensor data gathered from multiple sensor sources spanning the land, airborne, and naval domains.

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