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Drone Delivery Canada Corp. and Volatus Aerospace Corp. to Collaborate on Commercializing Drone Nesting Stations

Establishing a Recurring Revenue Stream from the Remote Operations Center

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. (“Drone Delivery Canada” or “DDC”) and Volatus Aerospace Corp. announced the beginning of a collaboration to commercialize the Volatus Aerieport Drone Nesting Station in concert with DDC’s Remote Operations Center. This follows the announcement of their planned merger, initially disclosed on May 21st, and serves to illustrate the united strengths of both companies.

“This is just one of many key revenue generating initiatives we have underway with Volatus Aerospace,” said Steve Magirias, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada. “We are mutually focused on capturing market share, bringing new technologies to the market, commercializing our solutions and bringing it all to numerous customers across various geographies and verticals.”

To kickstart this initiative, the Aerieport will be immediately relocated to DDC’s Remote Test Site for training of their Remote Operations Center team and integration into their state-of-the-art remote operating systems. This strategic move is crucial for demonstrating the Aerieport’s versatility through ongoing reliability testing and customer demonstrations. This is expected to boost both equipment sales and introduce recurring service revenue from managed services from the Remote Operations Center.

Strategic Highlights of the Aerieport Integration:

  • Fully Managed Service Offering: The Aerieport will be operated as a managed service from DDC’s Remote Operations Center, ensuring a comprehensive drone operation service for clients.
  • Advanced Operational Capabilities: The center will facilitate extensive drone operations tailored to meet the demands of clients worldwide.

Key Features of the Aerieport include:

  • Drone-agnostic design allowing flexibility in drone operations.
  • Option for solar power for sustainable and autonomous operations.
  • Capable of operating in extreme temperatures.
  • Fully weatherproof with an integrated optical detect and avoid system.
  • Equipped with a robust 4-sim, 5G modem with satcom option for independent communications.

The relocation of the Aerieport not only underscores the technological and strategic synergies between Drone Delivery Canada and Volatus but also enhances the offering of managed services to a global customer base. This initiative is poised to significantly enhance the recurring revenue stream from DDC’s Remote Operations Center, setting new standards in aerial intelligence and drone logistics technology.

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