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Unisource Technology

Unisource Technology

Head Office Location in Canada: 

Dorval, QC

Defence related locations/operations within Canada:

Montreal, QC

Senior officer for Canadian operations:

Bruce Rutenberg, Executive Director

Annual Sales: 


Ticker Symbol:


Number of Employees:


Percentage of business - defence related:


Percentage of business within Canada:


Current DND Projects:

• Victoria Class submarine – operational support spares • Halifax class frigate – operational support spares • CG-DFO – operational support spares • Land vehicle support – operational support spares • Communications – operational support spares • Aerospace fleet – operational support spares • F-18 fuel cell supply

Level of investment in R&D:

R&D investment equals 1-3% of revenue, primarily focusing on products to fill the void of obsolescence resulting from OEM or factory closures, which no longer exist nor support DND programs.

Primary Activities, products, services:

Through exclusivity, partnerships, distribution, resale, or in-house production, they supply DND fleets including Marine, Aerospace and Land Vehicles with countless support spares ranging from communications and technology, to sewage treatment plants and F-18 avionics. Their global supply network, built over 5 decades, supports all DND operational requirements.
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