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Irving Shipbuilding

Irving Shipbuilding

Head Office Location in Canada: 

Halifax, NS

Defence related locations/operations within Canada:

Dartmouth, Halifax, Shelburne, NS

Senior officer for Canadian operations:

Dirk Lesko, President

Annual Sales: 


Ticker Symbol:


Number of Employees:


Percentage of business - defence related:


Percentage of business within Canada:


Current DND Projects:

• AOPS • CSC • Modernization of Halifax-class frigates

Level of investment in R&D:

Irving Shipbuilding has experience creating R&D opportunities within its Industrial and Technological Benefits and Value Proposition commitments to the Government of Canada as part of its role in the National Shipbuilding Industry. Investments into the broader marine sector in Canada include multiple projects through the Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction, and Response Network, including assessments of Arctic Shipping lanes with the goal of establishing safe and sustainable policies that will protect the Canadian north. A series of research projects is being conducted through a $2 Million investment provided to the Nunavut Research Institute. ISI has invested another $2M in Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. Additional leadership in R&D includes support to several University Chair positions, including Arctic Security and Policy, and Marine Engineering, as well as establishing Centres of Excellence in Marine and Additive Manufacturing. ISI is also the founding partner of the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), which is an incubator for over 50 small businesses in Nova Scotia where ocean R&D is a primary focus of many of the tenants. ISI has committed over $10M to this endeavour. Most recently, ISI has invested in health care technology to purchase a spinal surgery robot for the Queen Elizabeth II hospital. Future R&D will include a focus on continuous improvement and digitization at the shipyard, as well as renewable fuel options for use in Canadian sea ports.

Primary Activities, products, services:

Irving Shipbuilding is proudly underway with the largest procurement program in Canadian shipbuilding. The company has delivered 4 Arctic Offshore and Patrol Ships (AOPS) and will deliver one AOPS per year in 2024 and 2025 to complete these six Harry DeWolf class ships for the Canadian Navy. Steel cutting for the first of two variant AOPS ships for Canada’s Coast Guard (CCG) took place in August 2023 with steel cut for the second CCG variant scheduled for August 2024. These two ships will be delivered to the CCG in 2026 and 2027 respectively. In July 2024 production of the first of 15 Canadian Surface Combatants (CSC) will begin. The Halifax Shipyard is also a centre for repair, maintenance, and modernization for Canada’s Halifax Class fleet of frigates. Work on the HMCS Ville De Quebec concluded in 2023. HMCS Halifax is now in the drydock for refit, with work expected to be 65% complete by the end of 2024.
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