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CADSI Reacts to Canada’s Updated Defence Policy

Christyn Cianfarani, President & CEO of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), issued the following statement upon the release of Canada’s Updated Defence Policy, Our North, Strong and Free: A Renewed Vision for Canada’s Defence:

“This defence policy update is encouraging and, critically, has funding attached that we hope can be counted on – especially at a time when budget cuts remain underway within DND. With $8.1B tied to the first five years, and many elements still under consideration, much of the $73B will be left to future governments.

We see a recognition in this policy that the world has changed, and that Canada is facing real and imminent threats. We see language about the importance of revitalizing, sustaining, and enhancing Canada’s defence industrial base. We see an acknowledgment that this industrial base is integral to our national security and the effectiveness of the CAF.

We’re also pleased with the government’s commitment to a new relationship with Canada’s defence industry. What that means to us is collaboration on both current requirements and road-mapping the future – not just more of the same types of engagements that currently exist. It also means mirroring the approach of our allies, who unabashedly preference their domestic firms when it makes sense to do so, which can greatly speed up the acquisition process. If the technology, service, or equipment is Canadian-made, and it’s something that meets the CAF’s needs, we buy it. 

This policy will only be effective with real procurement reform, something that has proven elusive. The solution cannot only be increased reliance on foreign-made military equipment and services. NATO’s targets – and its Defence Production Action Plan – are based on the idea that each member nation is responsible for building and sustaining a defence industrial base that can contribute to greater allied capacity and deterrence.

We commit to working with the government to implement this plan.”

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