BluMetric Environmental Inc. has been awarded a 3-year $11.7 million contract from Rheinmetall Canada.

BluMetric is teaming with Rheinmetall Canada, who is the prime contractor and an internationally recognized systems integrator, to develop and deliver small, self-contained water purification systems as part of a contract awarded by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). This product, named the Advanced Sub-Unit Water Purification System (ASUWPS), will enhance the ability of the CAF to support missions by providing the capacity to purify water at the sub-unit level – providing potable water for 125-250 personnel. The ASUWPS are a smaller, lighter system than BluMetric’s Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU), which BluMetric has been building and supporting for the CAF for the last ten years.

“We are proud to partner with Rheinmetall Canada to support the CAF,” said Scott MacFabe, BluMetric CEO. “Together, we’re bringing proven Canadian innovation and experience to provide mission-ready water in a world of uncertainty”.

BluMetric expanded its cleantech production footprint in Ottawa, and the increased capacity will allow the Company to deliver on this contract and future programs to design and build water and wastewater treatment systems. Work on this contract will begin immediately, with final delivery of the water purification systems expected by 2025.