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Weatherhaven Providing COVID-19 Field Hospital Deployment in Toronto


Weatherhaven is supporting the deployment of two world-class COVID-19 field hospitals which are being erected at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto to help support the battle against the pandemic.

The Prime Minister of Canada announced earlier today that the two Mobile Health Units (MHUs), each fully equipped to handle up to 100 patients, are being deployed following a request for emergency assistance from the Government of Ontario.

The Mobile Health Units were designed, manufactured and equipped by Weatherhaven in partnership with ATCO Ltd. of Calgary, as part of the Government of Canada’s pandemic response planning. Once erected, each MHU will cover an area the size of a football field, and provide much of the same sophisticated medical equipment and services as a normal hospital.


Ray Castelli, President and CEO of Weatherhaven, said: “The Government of Canada deserves to be commended for having the foresight to anticipate this potential need. They tasked our companies with finding an innovative, made-in-Canada solution that could quickly be deployed to support the medical system in any area of Canada despite the climate or logistical challenge.

“We are also extremely proud of what our designers, engineers and all of our dedicated employees have been able to accomplish in a very short period of time,” Castelli added. “And needless to say, as Canadians working in a Canadian company, we are all honoured to be able to support our frontline health care workers as part of our country’s fight against this pandemic.”

Weatherhaven’s COVID field hospital solutions have been deployed in more than 17 countries on four continents since the start of the pandemic.

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