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Voyager Defense D12 at CANSEC

Tracked vehicle manufacturer, UTV International (Booth 3018), will be unveiling the reimagined Voyager Defense D12 at CANSEC 2023. It is the world’s first Hybrid-Electric, amphibious, all-terrain military-grade tracked carrier.

The new Voyager Defense D12 features a suspension upgrade that was designed to evenly distribute the vehicle’s weight, offering extreme mobility by virtue of superior track-to-ground contact while offering a much smoother ride over rocky or difficult terrain.

“This is an important moment for us,” said Andy Sztorc, President of UTV International. “The revolutionary E-Drive system is a noiseless, all-electric mode that gives you the ability to go into “stealth mode” added Sztorc. “It’s barely audible and there’s next to no thermal signature.” Apart from this major tactical advantage, the Voyager’s Hybrid-Diesel drive train offers other major advantages, such as exportable power, reduced fuel consumption and less mechanical failures.

The Voyager is also amphibious with no preparation and can transition easily from water to ice – all thanks to its sealed–chassis design. Additionally, its highly configurable rear car can be customized as needed – to either transport up to 12, act as a cargo carrier, ambulance, rescue unit, mobile command center and assist in natural disaster recovery.

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