Vard Marine (VARD) demonstrates it is dedicated to driving down risk to the end user and accelerating the design schedule for a new construction service operations vessel (SOV), by continuing to independently invest resources in Jones Act fit-for-purpose US SOV designs.

ABS has granted a second Approval in Principle (AIP) to VARD for a larger design variant of a Jones Act SOV. The first ABS AIP was awarded to VARD during the 2019 International Workboat Show in New Orleans for the VARD 4 07 US SOV. This was the first Jones Act SOV AIP awarded.

This recent AIP, which was awarded on June 19th, 2020, addresses a customized version of the VARD 4 19 US SOV design. The Vard 4 19 is a highly capable large offshore windfarm Service Operations Vessel (SOV) with primary functions including accommodation, transferring technicians to installations as well as storing spare parts and tools for operations in US offshore wind farms.

VARD designed the vessel to be environmentally friendly with a focus on low fuel consumption and ease of construction. The design incorporates a state-of-the-art hull form designed for all weather conditions which, together with the specified propulsion configuration, offers economical steaming, enhanced seakeeping abilities, and excellent station keeping performance. The vessel is optimized to reduce motions and accelerations in all degrees of freedom with the aim to increase operability and comfort.

The vessel will have the ABS Class notations + A1, OFFSHORE SUPPORT VESSEL (WIND-SC), +AMS, + ACCU, DPS-2, HAB(WB.).

“We believe that the US offshore wind market holds several promising opportunities for US owners, designers and shipbuilders. The US market seems to be moving quickly starting on the East Coast, so a purpose-built US offshore wind Jones Act fleet is inevitable. This creates some challenges for US designers and shipbuilders since the necessary SOVs need to be under construction now to support the developer’s schedules,” said Darren Truelock, Vice President, Vard Marine Houston. “Delivery schedules and price points over the next year will be tested and squeezed in order to bring the right vessels online at the right time and within budget. VARD is focusing on the US SOV market since these vessels are within our expertise, and we can leverage our extensive Jones Act knowledge of the US offshore service vessel (OSV) market in addition to our existing industry relationships and with shipbuilders. It is with great enthusiasm that we continue to progress on this exciting new journey in the US.”