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The Sub Hunters: Guarding Against Undersea Threats

With their ability to glide undetected beneath the waves, submarines pose a grave danger to maritime forces. In order to operate effectively, NATO must be ready to neutralise threats below the waterline. Exercise Dynamic Manta 2019, held off the coast of Italy, this past March, gave the Alliance a chance to hone its anti-submarine warfare skills.

Dynamic Manta 2019 drew together units and more than 3,000 sailors and airmen from 10 Allied countries (Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States) in the central Mediterranean Sea to simulate the hunt for undersea adversaries. In order to succeed, NATO forces had to use a combination of sea-based, airborne and submarine assets to find and neutralise threats.

To see our troops and allied NATO nations in action check out the video below which includes aerial shots of submarines and warships; interior shots of the Dutch frigate Evertsen, the Turkish frigate Gelibolu and the Spanish submarine Tramontana. Interviews include US Navy Rear Admiral Andrew Lennon, Commander, Submarines NATO; Lt Max, Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer with the Royal Netherlands Navy; and Lt Philipp Wollny, German Navy.

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