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Thales Canada Introduces Synergy to Drive Innovation with Canadian SMBs

Through Synergy, Thales in Canada is building innovation infrastructure to support the incredible potential of Canadian small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to bring advanced military technologies to market.

Synergy is a multi-stakeholder collaborative program. Through Synergy, Thales provides SMBs with access to coaching and close accompaniment; a range of core services; domain expertise in embedding technology in the Canadian supply chain; means of external funding; Thales Canada’s sovereign and secure infrastructure, which reduces barriers to entry; and access to paths to market via Thales’ extensive global portfolio and programs. Thales on its end can better serve emerging markets and evolving customer needs and preferences.

Synergy is distinct from conventional industry programs and designed to simultaneously meet all five of Canada’s Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) policy objectives. Unlike traditional accelerators, Synergy starts its collaborations with established Canadian SMBs to create the conditions for collaborative innovation to flourish among prime contractors, SMBs and customers. The program helps SMBs bridge the gap from grants and contributions to commercial revenues and a sustainable business model.

Synergy is inspired by AI@Centech, Thales’ Montreal-based international accelerator program for growth-stage AI-enabled startups, which has since 2019 engaged over 450 startups around the world to co-create cutting-edge solutions in Thales markets while supporting the emergence of worldwide AI champions.

To date, two Canadian SMBs are participating in the inaugural Synergy program: TerraSense Analytics Inc. and Pegasus Imagery Ltd.

“Synergy starts with the end in mind – extracting trusted Canadian military technologies from niche applications and getting them into the supply chain and the hands of the people who need them most. For SMBs, Synergy is a springboard to success, a means to cross the chasm in defence procurement. For Thales, Synergy is innovation infrastructure that will help us to foster innovation across all our businesses. Thales has a deep commitment to collaborate with Canadian SMBs for the benefit of our customers – a focused investment of energy and expertise, and an engagement built on trust.” Chris Pogue, CEO, Thales Canada

“Thales took the time to build trust between us and their technical and business coaches. They helped us to validate our product offer and introduced us to business units where there were real opportunities for us.” Mike McGinty, CEO, TerraSense Analytics Inc.

“As an SMB, having both a business and technical coach as part of the process has been critical. Pegasus Imagery has made connections across Thales, enabling us to jointly pursue opportunities for making good in the world.” Cole Rosentreter, CEO, Pegasus Imagery Ltd.

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