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TerraSense Awarded IDEaS contract

TerraSense Analytics has been awarded a $8.976 million contract through the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program. IDEaS is a government funding program designed to assist Canadian innovators in solving defence and security challenges, and will support TerraSense to further the development of MIST, the company’s proprietary technology.

Sensor proliferation, while it unlocks unprecedented levels of situation awareness, raises critical challenges as it results in vast volumes of digital data that must be processed in a way that allows humans to meaningfully interact with it.

MIST, TerraSense’s Multimodal Input Surveillance & Tracking software, leverages AI and sensor fusion in aerial surveillance to amplify operator situational awareness, reduce bandwidth saturation and post-mission human efforts in data analysis and retrieval. Furthermore, the software aims to be sensor agnostic, capable of ingesting data from existing and future ISR sensors with limited non-recurring engineering requirements.

“We set out to create a truly usable artificial intelligence system that can withstand the rigours of real-life operations and the demands of highly-trained operators without the learning curves found in legacy systems,” says Jozsef Hamari TerraSense’s Chief Technology Officer. “Being awarded this grant validates our company’s vision and the potential of our technological solutions.”

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