Image: Team Rubicon Greyshirts serving a homeowner after the recent Nova Scotia floods

Team Rubicon Canada is preparing to host ‘Salute to Service’, an event in recognition of completing 100 missions. Being held in Ottawa on October 2, 2023, Salute to Service will highlight the capabilities of the organization, the volunteers who fuel each mission and the people in affected communities who they assist.

“Salute to Service is a great opportunity for people to learn about our organization, about the incredible work our Greyshirts do and about our response capabilities – both now and in the future. It will bring together many of those in the disaster response space to discuss the continuum of needs and how best to align resources.” Bryan Riddell, CEO of Team Rubicon Canada

“Look no further than the events of this summer to understand how extreme weather affects us all, regardless of which side of the border we live on. Many parts of the US, including my hometown Chicago, were covered in a blanket of smoke, creating poor air quality for weeks at a time. This event will allow us to continue the conversations and cooperation that is needed to effectively handle the severe weather events that are happening with increased frequency.” Bruce Heyman, Former US Ambassador to Canada

Hosted by former network anchor and Canadian journalist Kevin Newman, with special guests former US Ambassador to Canada and his partner Bruce and Vicki Heyman, Salute to Service will feature Calm in the Storm – an immersive experience which will show us the devastation brought on by severe weather events and the humanity that pulls us through.


Location: 50 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON

Date: October 2, 2023

Time: 5:30 p.m. EST



• This summer, Team Rubicon Canada has run missions across Nova Scotia, including Bedford, Lower Sackville, and Tantallon in response to wildfires and floods.

• The mission in Tantallon was the largest Team Rubicon Canada operation ever with 126 volunteers and staff deployed to assist the community.

• Team Rubicon Canada is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. Our veteran volunteers continue their service by leveraging their skills to assist people in their hour of need.