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Royal Canadian Navy forges ties with Nunatsiavut


The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) celebrated its second Northern Affiliation ceremony with the Nunatsiavut Region, in Hopedale, Labrador. Ship affiliation is a time-honoured naval tradition that endures for the duration of a ship’s service life.

At the heart of the affiliation between HMCS Margaret Brooke and Nunatsiavut are the connections and relationships that are made between the people within the community and the associated ship, its crew and Command Teams.

Throughout the next several years, the RCN will work with the Inuit Nunangat during routine operations in Canada’s Northern waters. This will create solid partnerships that generate pride in both the ship’s company and the communities they will represent. Each ship’s company will work with community members, local leaders, and engage with local schools, youth groups, to build relationships based on respect, mutual understanding, and shared experiences.

“This event marks another important step forward in strengthening Canada’s relationship with Inuit communities —communities that are central to Canada’s identity, its security, and its future prosperity. Nunatsiavut partners will assist the Canadian Armed Forces in establishing the north as a cornerstone of domestic operations, and in building a meaningful relationship founded on mutual respect.” – The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence

“The Northern Affiliation Ceremony demonstrates the Royal Canadian Navy’s commitment to engaging with Inuit Nunangat communities here in Newfoundland and Labrador. As the Canadian Arctic becomes a central part of Canada’s northern operations, meaningful partnerships with Inuit communities will be critical in ensuring arctic security and prosperity.” – Yvonne Jones, Member of Parliament for Labrador

“We are pleased and honoured to have HMSC Margaret Brooke affiliated with Nunatsiavut, and look forward to seeing this vessel, and other Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships off our shores and visiting our communities for years to come.” – Johannes Lampe, President of Nunatsiavut

“This is an incredible honour for members of the Royal Canadian Navy. An affiliation between HMCS Margaret Brooke and Nunatsiavut grants us the chance to create resilient, long-lasting relationships with the community as well as with its members and leaders. This opportunity will be observed with esteem and respect by the ship’s crew and its Command Teams.” – Commander Nicole Robichaud, Commanding Officer, HMCS Margaret Brooke



• The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is affiliating each one of its Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) with the six Inuit regions of the Inuit Nunangat. In 2019, HMCS Harry DeWolf celebrated their affiliation with the Qikiqtani region of Nunavut. The third AOPS, HMCS Max Bernays—delivered to the RCN on September 2nd, 2022—will be affiliated with the Kitikmeot Region, in Nunavut during a ceremony later in 2023.

• The remaining affiliations within the Inuit Nunangat—in the Kitikmeot and Kivalliq regions of Nunavut as well as the Inuvialuit, and Nunavik regions—will occur as each AOPS is constructed and enters into service.

• There are five Labrador Inuit communities in Nunatsiavut: Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, Postville and Rigolet. The Nunatsiavut Regions comprise 45,690 square kilometres of sea. HMCS Margaret Brooke will be visiting both Nain and Hopedale in September 2022 to visit and engage with local communities.

• Spanning three territories and stretching as far as the North Pole, Canada’s North is a sprawling region, comprising 75 percent of the nation’s coastline. The expanse of Canada’s North, coupled with its ice-filled seas, harsh climate, and more than 36,000 islands make for a challenging region to monitor—particularly as the North encompasses a significant portion of the maritime approaches to North America.

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