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Royal Canadian Air Force to celebrate its Centennial by lighting the sky blue

On April 1, 2024, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will celebrate its official Centennial. For a century the RCAF, and its personnel have defended Canada, its people, allies, and interests.

In celebration of the Centennial and commemoration of the men and women who have, and continue to, serve Canada at home and abroad, famous landmarks, city halls, businesses, embassies, and residences across the world will be illuminating in blue on April 1, 2024.

Currently over 300 landmarks in 20 countries are confirmed to be participating in the illumination campaign. In Canada, this includes the CN Tower, Montréal Tower, Calgary Tower, Vancouver Sails of Light, Esplanade Riel, and Niagara Falls. In the coming weeks, more landmarks and countries are expected to join the illumination campaign.

We encourage Canadians across the country to join in this campaign, and light up their cities, businesses, and homes in blue, and to share photos on social media using the hashtags #RCAF100 and #100YearsOfFlyingBlue, in support of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and its personnel.

Explore the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force in our special RCAF 2024 Centennial edition! Stay tuned for more articles celebrating this monumental occasion!

We are also excited to announce that we are collaborating with Guinness World Records, as the RCAF will attempt to break the World Record for most landmarks illuminated in 24 hours. The Guinness World Record attempt is just one of many ways the Royal Canadian Air Force will be celebrating its centennial.

Over the spring and summer, events like air shows, the RCAF Run, gala balls, and commemorative tree plantings will take place across Canada and the world, to celebrate the RCAF’s 100th anniversary. For more information on these events, please visit the RCAF 2024 Centennial website.

“This illumination initiative has grown exponentially over the last year. Our goal is to celebrate the achievements of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) throughout its first century as an independent service. As we commemorate 100 years of the RCAF, we honour the sacrifices and successes of our members who have served Canada with distinction, and we look to inspire the next generation. The RCAF will continue to play an important role in Canada’s future.”

Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Chief of the Air Force Staff

 “It’s marvelous to see so many people come together in celebrating the Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial. The RCAF has accomplished so many incredible things in the past century, all thanks to the amazing people who have contributed to it. This day of celebration belongs to Canadians across the world.”

 Colonel Margaret Jacula, Campaign Manager, RCAF 2024


  • Over 100 locations in Canada, across all 10 provinces in Canada will be participating in the illumination event.
  • Internationally, locations in the United States, Australia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, New Zealand, Bermuda, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Iceland, Iraq, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Greece, and France will be lighting in blue.
  • Canadian Embassies in Italy, Iraq, United States, and France will also take part in this campaign.
  • Within the United States, buildings in 33 states will be illuminated.
  • Some notable international landmarks that will light up in blue include Trafalgar Bridge in Australia, St Andrews House and Victoria Quay in Scotland, Westminster City Hall in London, Willis Tower in the United States, Danube Tower in Austria, Tallinn TV Tower in Estonia, and Vimy Ridge Monument in France.
  • More locations are expected to join this campaign in the coming weeks.
  • The full list of participating locations can be found on the RCAF Centennial website.


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