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Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst marks five-year anniversary with partnership renewal

Since 2018, the Catalyst has empowered 7,000 people and 500 businesses across Canada and has raised over $56 million to date

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst (“the Catalyst”) at Toronto Metropolitan University announced renewed investments from its founding partners, Rogers Communications and RBC, as it celebrates its fifth anniversary as a major hub for training, innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity.

Five years ago, the organization embarked on an extraordinary journey to help foster a world-class cybersecurity sector in Canada; over the past five years the Catalyst has empowered over 7,000 individuals and 500 organizations across the country through its pioneering cybersecurity programs and initiatives.

Through the generosity of its founding partners – Rogers Communications, the Government of Canada, RBC and the City of Brampton; the support of its program partners – the Government of Ontario, Mastercard Canada, Public Safety Canada and Torys LLP; and the new investments from Rogers and RBC the Catalyst has, since its inception, raised over $56 million towards its mission of empowering individuals and organizations to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity.

Rogers has renewed its commitment to powering all aspects of the Catalyst’s work, including its workforce training programs and support for cyber innovation and research, with a $15 million investment over five years. RBC also reinforced its support for the Catalyst with an investment of $1 million. This new funding underscores the shared vision from both companies of driving Canadian leadership in cybersecurity.


“Every country needs strong cybersecurity capabilities to harness the power of innovation, while keeping our networks and communities safe,” says Greg Murray, Senior Vice-President, Information Security, Rogers Communications Inc. “Rogers is proud to renew our founding partnership with the Catalyst, to continue advancing critical cybersecurity skills and talent, as part of our commitment to investing in Canada’s economic development.”

“The cybersecurity landscape is evolving every day. And that means our approach to protecting Canadians today is different than it was five years ago and will be vastly different 10 years from now. Having a highly trained cyber workforce is critical to Canada’s success,” says Adam Evans, Chief Information Security Officer at RBC. “The Catalyst program is a giant step in the right direction. I’m thrilled to be a part of this initiative and of RBC’s commitment of $1 million in funding to help lead the way in building a cybersecurity innovation ecosystem for the future.”

“Core to the Catalyst’s work is bringing together key stakeholders in the private, public and academic sectors to enable capacity building, develop pathways to accelerated training, identify and support new ideas and innovations, and address critical challenges in cybersecurity, through diverse perspectives and collaborations. None of that would have been possible these last five years without the vision and generosity of our partners,” says Dr. Steven N. Liss, Chair of Catalyst’s Board of Directors, and Vice-President of Research and Innovation, Toronto Metropolitan University. “And our sincere thanks to Rogers Communications and RBC for their new funding commitments, which will ensure we continue to bring initiatives to market that respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by an ever-evolving digital technology landscape.”

“From its launch just five years ago, and thanks to a growing community of support, the Catalyst has become a dynamic force in the Canadian cybersecurity ecosystem – and we’re just getting started,” says Charles Finlay, the Catalyst’s Founding Executive Director. “We are deeply grateful for the generous contributions and guidance of our founding partners – thank-you especially to Rogers Communications and RBC for their substantial new investments in the Catalyst. We look forward to continuing to play a pivotal role in building a diverse and inclusive future for cybersecurity, tackle the new challenges posed by the likes of AI and Quantum computing, and create a cyber-resilient future for all Canadians.”


The impact that the Catalyst has had on the cybersecurity ecosystem since 2018 include the following statistics:

• More than 7,000 people have directly benefited from Catalyst’s groundbreaking programs, equipping them with new cyber skills and empowering them to build thriving cybersecurity careers, advance new ventures in digital security, and contribute to a more cybersecure Canada.

• Over 500 businesses have been fueled by the Catalyst, hiring world-class, diverse talent from its training programs, strengthening their cybersecurity posture through tabletop exercises and Catalyst Cyber Range workshops, and scaling-up their operations in the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator.

• Over 800 jobs have been created or filled in the cybersecurity sector through Catalyst programming, overcoming skills and talent gaps and bolstering a thriving Canadian cybersecurity sector.

• More than 1,000 women, girls, and non-binary individuals have been empowered with cybersecurity skills and gained employment in the sector, contributing to a diverse and inclusive future for cybersecurity in Canada.

• The Catalyst community now comprises over 10,000 cybersecurity experts, mentors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and program participants, alumni, and partners, collectively working to ensure the digital world is a safe place for all Canadians.

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