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Rheinmetall Partners with Air Canada to Type Trial its All-Electric Air Start Unit

Rheinmetall is partnering with Air Canada to type trial its electric air start unit, the Rheinmetall eMSU, at airports.

The Rheinmetall Group’s Canadian branch Rheinmetall Canada recently launched the world’s first zero-emission, all-electric air start unit. Air Canada has become a development partner and, upon successful completion of the type trial, plans to incorporate the Rheinmetall eMSU into its fleet of mobile ground air start units.

Air Canada will assess the Rheinmetall eMSU to start its fleets of Boeing 737 and767, as well as Airbus 220, 319, 320, 321, and 330 airliners beginning in early 2023. This developmental partnership supports Air Canada’s Climate Action Plan, launched in 2021, with a long[1]term goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) throughout its global operations by 2050. To help reach that goal, Air Canada has set 2030 absolute targets of 20% GHG net reductions from flights plus 30% GHG net reductions from ground operations compared to the 2019 baseline.

The Rheinmetall eMSU: an all-electric advantage

Reliable and versatile, the Rheinmetall eMSU is a dependable solution for any takeoff. Unlike other mobile air start units on the market, the eMSU requires no warmup phase and virtually no maintenance. It is ready to operate at all times, allowing its users to optimize their apron operations, improve on-time performance, reduce ground-supported main engine start times, and limit aircraft apron delays.

Compared to a standard diesel-driven air start unit, the Rheinmetall eMSU operates much more reliably in all weather conditions. It eliminates CO2 and NOx emissions that are harmful to both ground support staff and the environment, and cuts fuel consumption costs, for greener and more cost-effective liftoffs.

Innovating a sustainable future

As countries increase their commitments to reducing emissions with higher standards and regulations, airports around the world must pivot towards zero[1]emission solutions.

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