Bronswerk’s expertise contributes to the next generation of vessels and delivers regional economic benefits under the National Shipbuilding Strategy

Two new contracts totaling over $100 million have been awarded to Quebec-based Bronswerk Group by Irving Shipbuilding Inc., to supply equipment for the new Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) ships to be built for the Royal Canadian Navy.

After 10 years of being actively involved in the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), equipping the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) vessels with marine-grade HVAC, Bronswerk’s proven expertise will now be implemented on the CSC to help ensure the comfort and safety of its future crew. The 15 CSC vessels will replace the current Halifax-class frigates and will form the backbone of Canada’s naval combat capability.

Through these new contracts, Bronswerk will provide future CSC vessels with a series of Canadian made HVAC equipment, including specialized Air Handling Units and Air Filtration Units, that will serve the future ships during mission deployment. In addition, Bronswerk will provide turnkey solutions in refrigeration machinery for the Cold Provision. This work is essential to keep the CSC in proper working order and achieve a high level of readiness for action.

Combined, the design and supply of the HVAC system and the design and supply of the refrigeration machinery, valued over $100 million collectively, will deliver economic benefits by supporting existing jobs and creating up to 20 new positions at Bronswerk’s Montreal and Halifax facilities. These roles will be in procuring, designing and manufacturing the equipment.

“Bronswerk is proud to count on the trust and support of Irving Shipbuilding,” says Francis Fontaine, CEO Bronswerk Group. “This trust has now expanded to the CSC. Over the course of our 10-years supporting the NSS, and working on the AOPS vessels, we have developed a highly skilled team that delivers Canadian-made solutions. Bronswerk is proud to contribute to the safety and readiness of the CSC, which will provide the very best protection during peace or active-duty missions for the Royal Canadian Navy sailors.”

“Irving Shipbuilding’s work with Bronswerk is one more testament to the impact of the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), delivering economic benefits and fostering Canadian innovation right across the country,” says Lee Fromson, Vice President, Supply Chain and Quality, Irving Shipbuilding. “In ten short years, the NSS has put an end to the boom-and-bust cycles that used to characterize Canada’s shipbuilding industry. We are focused on re-building supply chains, re-establishing a highly skilled workforce, and working with Canadian suppliers to support our sailors charged with maintaining our security at home and overseas.”

Importantly, Bronswerk is a great example of the huge economic spinoff that is generated by the NSS. The latest Conference Board of Canada Report expects that between 2013 and 2025, the AOPS and CSC programs will contribute over $11.8 billion to Canada’s GDP with $8.0 billion in labour income coming to Canadians. Indeed, the work Bronswerk has provided in the AOPS program has served as a catalyst for more international exposure as an HVAC-R leader. Bronswerk aims to become the largest OEM globally for qualified Marine HVAC&R equipment.

Bronswerk and Irving Shipbuilding first started working together four decades ago when Bronswerk was contracted by Irving to deliver the HVAC-R system for the Canadian Patrol Frigates in the 1980s and 1990s. Bronswerk is also active on the West Coast, working with Seaspan Shipyard for the non-combatant vessels of the NSS.