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Per Vices Releases Upgraded Cyan EC SDR – with 64 DSP channels

Per Vices Corporation has released an upgraded version of their high performance Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform Cyan EC (extended channel) – enabling up to 64 DSP channels across 16 physical SMA ports. This extension allows for Cyan EC users to break up the one large bandwidth physical chain into multiple digital channels allowing for the radio platform to do the multiplexing.

By providing additional digital chains, which are coherently superimposed into a single physical channel, the computational complexity required to address wide bandwidths is further reduced, and allows for processing over multiple cores on a single host system or across multiple host systems concurrently.

“We are excited that customers have already used and integrated our platform into their products. The additional processing capability provided by this option allows our customers to improve performance and implement more advanced applications using existing computational resources. I believe Cyan EC is the highest channel count software defined radio commercially available.” – Victor Wollesen, CEO of Per Vices Corporation.

The Cyan EC product option enables engineers and system integrators to realize the benefits of both the highest bandwidth SDR and having more independent channels to ease the complexity associated with processing the high amount of data by breaking it up into separate channels. This further helps to achieve better SFDR, sensitivity, and SNR while continuing to offer the highest throughput SDR solution.

Combining this product option with the already best performing SDR on the market allows for Cyan EC to benefit engineers and integrators across different markets including radar systems, GNSS/GPS, MRI receivers and exciters, spectrum monitoring, as well as test & measurement.

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