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OVA To Unveil New Spatial Features at CANSEC

OVA, the team behind spatial computing software StellarX, will be announcing its latest advancements in Virtual and Mixed Reality Defence training at CANSEC. Attendees will have the opportunity to try OVA’s VR domestic training environment— a new StellarX Space with broad use case potential, experiment live with a new tool featuring a conversational AI NPC, and hear how curriculum developers can now track individual progression within StellarX.

Knowledge Continuity with Conversational AI NPCs

One of the new standout features coming to StellarX, OVA’s flagship product, is the integration of conversational AI Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). These NPCs can ingest documentation that it then retrieves intelligently to serve a scenario’s needs, perhaps as a coach or other actor within the training. This facilitates knowledge transfer, allowing learners to engage in interactive dialogues and receive guidance while making training scalable and efficient in the face of instructor shortages.

Learning Analytics

OVA is also introducing a new learning analytics feature in StellarX that works with clients’ existing Learning Record Stores (LRS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). This powerful addition enables instructors to monitor individual learner progress, track scores, and analyze performance data. The analytics provide valuable insights, helping instructors understand common pitfalls and strengths. Also, creators will be able to strategically improve the designs of scenarios.


OVA invites all CANSEC attendees to experience these advancements firsthand. Visit OVA’s booth to demo all the above. Their team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of StellarX and speak to you about how a VR or Mixed Reality experience could be a catalyst for needed change in your organization.

OVA will be at booth #CL36 at CANSEC. Visit for more information.

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