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Ontario Calls On the CAF


Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced that he will be asking the federal government for assistance in handling COVID-19 outbreaks in long term care facilities (LTCF), including help from the Canadian Armed Forces.

“We will begin by directing the additional personnel to five priority homes in the province,” said Ford. “Their support will provide relief, so that staff can focus on the care of the residents.”

These teams, known as Augmented Civilian Care (ACC) Teams, will be comprised of nursing officers, medical technicians and support personnel. They will assist local staff by providing civilian patient management, including the medical care of those in LTCF, assist in the coordination of nursing and logistical requirements as well as with the delivery of federally or provincially-sourced essential protective equipment to those working in LTCFs.

In partnership with other government departments and agencies, the CAF is always ready to respond to emergencies in times of need, as requested by the Government of Canada (GC). The Defence Team is working closely with the federal, provincial, municipal and indigenous community partners as part of Operation LASER, the Canadian Armed Force operation supporting the whole of government response to COVID-19.

Ford said all decisions on handling outbreaks in LTCFs have been based on medical advice and officials have consistently been working to allocate additional resources to the homes.


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