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New Commander for Joint Task Force IMPACT – Task Force Central

Brigadier-General (BGen) Timothy Arsenault has assumed command of Joint Task Force IMPACT and Task Force Central (JTF-I/TF-C) in Camp Canada, Kuwait. BGen Arsenault took over from BGen Michael Wright, who has commanded JTF-I/TF-C since May 2020.

On March 30, 2021, the Government of Canada announced the extension of Operation IMPACT until March 31, 2022. Operation IMPACT is part of Canada’s whole-of-government approach to the Middle East. As a result of the extension, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) continues to maintain its presence in the Middle East to help set the conditions for security and stability in the region. This includes Canada’s contributions to the Global Coalition against Da’esh, NATO Mission Iraq, and bilateral capacity building in Jordan and Lebanon.

These efforts help set the conditions for the long-term success of regional partners by enabling their security forces to effectively plan and execute military operations aimed at degrading and defeating Daesh. JTF-I focuses on mentorship and training with an overarching goal of enhancing capabilities, capacities and competencies of partnered nations with an emphasis on commanders, leaders and instructors.

As part of Op IMPACT, the Canadian Armed Forces Training Assistance Teams (CTATs) in Jordan (CTAT-J) and Lebanon (CTAT-L) continue to work with host nation security forces to build their capacity and strengthen their borders.

“As the Acting Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command, I am extremely proud of the ongoing successes of Operation IMPACT and the important role our deployed CAF members have in continuing to restore stability and security to the region. This past year has been challenging on so many fronts and the continued effectiveness of this operation is a tribute to the professionalism and dedication of Brigadier-General Wright and his team. I am confident that Brigadier-General Arsenault will build on the mission’s achievements thus far and I thank the outgoing commander for setting the framework for the continued success of Operation IMPACT.” Major-General Bill Seymour, Acting Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command

“It has been an honour to work the Operation IMPACT team over the past year. I want to thank deployed members for their exceptional contributions day in and day out, and for being outstanding ambassadors for the Canadian Armed Forces. Canadians should be proud of the skill and dedication their military provides to enhance stability in the Middle East, especially during a time when the global pandemic and the uncertainty of the region amplifies the challenges of the mission.” Brigadier-General Michael Wright, Outgoing Commander, Joint Task Force IMPACT – Task Force Central

“I have recently had the opportunity to meet with and learn from members deployed on Operation IMPACT who have been enabling this mission over the past several months. I look forward to continuing the work that General Wright and the units throughout the joint operations area have done to bolster the Canadian Armed Forces’ contribution in the Middle East, strengthening Canada’s commitment to the region.” Brigadier-General Timothy Arsenault, Incoming Commander, Joint Task Force IMPACT – Task Force Central



While challenging, Operation IMPACT members have effectively adapted their methods in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priority remains the safety and security of our personnel. Mitigation measures are in place to facilitate ongoing efforts under Op IMPACT and the continuity of our operations in a COVID-19 environment.

In the past year:

• Canadian Armed Forces Training Assistance Teams Lebanon (CTAT-L) taught and mentored 651 Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) instructors and candidates in mountain and cold-weather operations.

• CTAT-L provided Combat First Aid training to 264 LAF members, including 30 who were trained as instructors.

• The Canadian Armed Forces Training Assistance Teams Jordan (CTAT-J) Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Mobile Training Team have now trained 120 Jordanian Armed Forces CBRN instructors since beginning in 2017.

• CTAT-J continues to work with Global Affairs Canada on border security projects including refurbishing 11 border towers and constructing soldier accommodations along Jordan’s northern border.

• Operation IMPACT Health Services personnel have developed COVID-19 mitigation measures and processes in order to maintain the task force’s ability to conduct operations.

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