In a strategic move aimed at solidifying its position in North American markets, Matrix Technology Ltd, a prominent engineered materials and specialty wire harness manufacturer, has announced its acquisition of XACT Engineered Manufacturing Solutions. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with an additional location in Houston, Texas, XACT EMS brings its exceptional expertise and reputation to the newly formed Matrix/XACT EMS Group.

Matrix proudly operates two dynamic divisions facilitated by an in-house manufacturing prowess and state-of-the-art equipment. The Engineered Materials division offers a diverse range of cutting-edge materials, empowering engineers with the building blocks they need to build safe, reliable, high-performing electronic devices. Meanwhile, the Interconnect division is focused on meeting the connectivity demands of the most critical electronic applications and navigating the challenges of ruggedized environments.

Matrix Technology mainly supports Military Electronics with their EMI shielding materials. These materials are usually used in Military applications to protect against electronic warfare, and EMI/EMC interference. Our materials can be found on electronics for ground vehicles, soldier communication systems, fighter jets, munitions, radar systems and more.  XACT EMS supports the Military by manufacturing custom cable assemblies. Their premium overmolding technology is most commonly used to provide environmental sealing, strain relief, and durability, enhancing the reliability and performance of the assembly in extreme environments.

Since 1977, Matrix has been supporting the electronics industry in Canada. Over the years, Matrix has evolved into a premier partner catering to over 3500 global customers across military, aerospace, instrumentation, medical, energy, transportation, and more. Today, Matrix continues to operate on the forefront of technology, growing with the community while adding new products and capabilities.

XACT EMS, founded in 1999 by Eric Amos in Calgary, Alberta, has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional quality products to its customers. With a focus on collaboration and customer satisfaction, XACT EMS has expanded its services from custom cable assemblies to include injection molding capabilities and is most know for their premium overmolding solutions for various industries.

The integration of Matrix and XACT EMS not only expands the combined footprint to 125,000+ square feet but also brings together a talented workforce of dedicated employees. Under the guidance of Bill Dubé, CEO with over 30 years of manufacturing operations experience, the Matrix/XACT EMS Group is poised the next chapter in adding value to their customer bases.

Bill Dubé, expressing his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stated, “I am thrilled about the union of these two remarkable companies and look forward to working with Eric Amos and the team driving future growth. Together with Eric Amos, President and owner of XACT EMS, and our leadership team, we are primed to capitalize on selling synergies and drive forward as a strong force in North American markets.”

The collaborative approach of XACT EMS, emphasizing continuous improvement and customer-centric solutions, aligns seamlessly with Matrix’s mission of converting engineering ambitions into streamlined solutions. With a shared commitment to quality, expertise, and customer service the Matrix/XACT EMS Group is well-positioned to provide innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers across diverse industries.