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Magellan Aerospace Wins Contracts to Produce Aircraft Illumination Flares for RCAF

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Magellan Aerospace Corporation has been awarded contracts valued at CDN $48 million, from the Canadian government to perform the licensed manufacture of LUU-2 illumination flares for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Magellan-produced LUU-2 illumination flares will be delivered from the Winnipeg facility’s propellant plant in Manitoba, Canada. The term of the contracts is five years.

The LUU-2 is an air-deployed high-intensity illumination flare. The RCAF utilizes the LUU-2 to support night time search and rescue operations with illumination. The flares produce about 1.8 million candlepower of visual illumination for five minutes.

“Magellan remains committed to continuing our 60-year legacy in supporting the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCAF with the delivery of critical mission support equipment and services”, said Mr. Haydn Martin, Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Contracts, Magellan Aerospace.

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