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Maerospace Announces Fourth Generation PASE Radar

Maerospace Corporation has announced a major enhancement of their PASE™ High Frequency Surface Wave Radar. This fourth-generation product features enhanced spectrum management software for multi-site installations, adds high frequency mid-band support, integrated TimeCaster™ technology, and satcom backhaul capability. In addition, the system has been incorporated into the Maerospace Integrated Radar Equipment Shelter (IRES), a shippable customized container/shelter with integrated power conditioning, backup generator and HVAC for standardized and rapid installation.

The updated spectrum management software increases performance in crowded RF environments. The fourth generation PASE has been further enhanced to include a full featured Applications Program Interface (API) to make integration with operational and information management systems easy and straightforward. Other upgrades include integration with the industry leading Maerospace Data Analytics toolkit, including TimeCaster, for quick identification and verification of vessels or objects tracked on radar via time-synchronization of live Satellite-AIS data throughout the PASE radar coverage area.

“Our fourth generation PASE features satellite communications for rapid implementation, emergency support and even data backhaul for locations where terrrestial links are not yet available,” said Eric Meger, Maerospace CEO. “Adapting the product to our clients’ needs while expanding our functionality continues to advance our Maerospace HFSWR technology beyond all competitive systems in pursuit of our commitment to helping combat illegal fishing and security threats in the maritime environment.”

Maureen Ramsden, VP Maritime Business Development, added, “The fourth Generation PASE system enables governments around the world to address maritime threats including illegal fishing, smuggling and terrorism. Every country has a right to sovereign protection of their EEZ and Maerospace is committed to helping our customers safeguard their people and resources at sea.”

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