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Mack Defense Awarded Contract by U.S. Marine Corps to Develop Medium Tactical Truck (MTT)

The U.S. Marine Corps awarded Mack Defense a 12-month contract for the initial development of a new Medium Tactical Truck (MTT) fleet. The new family of vehicles will replace the Marine Corp’s Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement fleet (MTVR), which includes cargo, dump, wrecker, tractor and re-supply trucks supporting air-ground task force combat support missions.

The Marine Corps initial development requirements for the MTT fleet will focus on three cargo variants consisting of 10- 15- and 20-foot cargo bed configurations with hybrid-electric technology for reduced fuel consumption, extended range and reduced noise for silent watch capabilities. A 70% off-road and 30% on-road mission profile will be supported by a 60-inch fording capability to traverse through water up to five feet. The vehicles will feature a 10-kilowatt on-board power generator and will have the capacity to deliver 30-kilowatts of external power. Advanced driver safety and force protection systems will be key features.

“We were confident in our ability to meet the needs outlined by the U.S. Marine Corps,” said David Hartzell, president of Mack Defense. “Being chosen for the initial development phase of this program confirms that the U.S. Marine Corps recognizes Mack Defense has the proven experience in developing tactical vehicle platforms that incorporate the latest system designs and technologies to meet the strict requirements outlined for the MTT.”

As part of the initial development phase, Mack Defense will provide a detailed engineering technical data package for three MTT cargo variants. Mack Defense will incorporate an open systems architecture, ensuring the U.S. Marine Corps can integrate future technological advancements into the next generation of medium tactical vehicles.

“Mack Defense is uniquely positioned to design the MTT variants incorporating the latest hybrid propulsion technologies to achieve significant fuel consumption reduction,” said Brent Cring, director of engineering at Mack Defense. “Advanced driver safety systems provide military-grade mobility and ensure the safety of deployed Marines worldwide.”

Mack Defense is currently in the testing phase of another significant defense program. Recently, three Common Tactical Truck (CTT) prototype vehicles, based on the commercially available Mack® Granite® model, were delivered to the U.S. Army for testing and soldier evaluations. The vehicles will be evaluated to determine final requirements to modernize and replace the Army’s fleet of 35,000 heavy tactical trucks. The MTT program leverages technology developed for the CTT program including hybrid technology, active safety, open-systems architecture, and military grade mobility.


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