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LVM UPDATE – The Power Team

LVM UPDATE – The Power Team



GDLS-Canada, Mercedes Benz & Marshall Canada Team Up for Logistics Vehicle Modernization


One of Canada’s largest defence companies, General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, has partnered with Mercedes-Benz and Marshall Canada to compete for the Department of National Defence’s (DND) Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) project.

The LVM project is a commitment made by the government to “acquire new fleets of light and heavy logistics vehicles, trailers, vehicle modules, armour protection kits, initial in-service and logistics support,” as outlined in Canada’s defence policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged.

With its partners Mercedes-Benz, a long time supplier of military trucks to the Canadian Army, and Marshall Canada, a leading aerospace and defence solution provider, General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has formed a power team to deliver a robust Canadian-based solution for LVM.



General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has a 40-plus-year history of manufacturing and sustaining the Canadian Army’s Light Armoured Vehicle fleet. With a focus on people, technology and innovation, it is committed to continue that tradition.

The company recently successfully completed the upgrade of the Canadian Army’s LAV III fleet, providing it with a flexible, multipurpose capability to effectively respond to a full range of operations, ensuring that the LAV remains the backbone of the Canadian Army.

General Dynamics continues to deliver on complex programs that deliver world-class vehicle capabilities to the Canadian Army and support it once fielded.

The company has put together the ideal team with the qualifications needed to fulfil the requirements of the LVM project. Each team member brings years of experience, a commitment to innovation, and proven track record. Together, they will provide a world-class fleet to the Canadian Army and make a significant contribution to Canada’s defence-automotive sector.

“General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada is very excited about the opportunity to submit a winning proposal to modernize Canada’s logistics vehicles,” said Dave Haggerty, director of Canadian programs. “For soldiers, having best-in-class capabilities makes the difference for the mission.”

At the heart of the offering is the Zetros range of extreme-duty trucks, whose base platform will power the team’s proposal for the future of Logistics Vehicles.



Mercedes-Benz will provide the chassis for both the light and heavy vehicle, offering the Zetros, one of the stars in the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks line. Specifically designed as an off-road vehicle, the Zetros is at its best in demanding transport tasks for heavy payload in austere conditions. The Zetros provides superior highway and cross-country performance because of its precision chassis design and robust components, which ensure fast and safe driving over varying types of ground.

Zetros incorporates technologies proved in more than a million fielded vehicles. It has been extensively tested to Mercedes-Benz’ demanding quality standards for unconditional off-road performance, including more than 50 million kilometers of engine testing.

“After careful consideration, Daimler Truck AG, a division of Mercedes Benz, believes aligning our strong product portfolio with General Dynamics’ systems integrator capability and customer focus will enable the best possible solution to be offered to Canada.” Dennis Hunn, Mercedes-Benz LVM project manager told CDR.

He added “We have had the privilege of supplying the Canadian Armed Forces for many years and know that, through this partnership, we are positioned to be a reliable partner for delivering the logistics vehicle capabilities to meet or exceed soldiers’ needs through this lineup.”

With more than 120 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality automotive products, Mercedes-Benz is a leading global supplier of trucks used by militaries around the world. Mercedes-Benz specialty trucks are highly valued by military customers from more than 17 NATO and allied nations worldwide, including trucks in service with Canada.



Marshall Canada, a key LVM partner, will design and produce all of the mission modules for both the light and heavy capabilities. Marshall is a leading aerospace and defence solution provider with over 100 years of demonstrated quality in defence vehicle engineering and shelter design, as well as conversion and modification of military, civil and business aircraft.

“Marshall Canada is delighted to have been selected to partner with General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada on such a strategically important program and will be incredibly proud to play a role in delivering the Department of National Defence with a logistic fleet replacement that will help to revolutionize Canadian Army logistics” said Marshall Canada Managing Director, Sam Michaud.

Michaud added “Our participation in the program aligns directly with our plans to grow our footprint in the Canadian home market to build on our existing position within both the Land and Air domains. We are delighted to be part of such a strong team with a very compelling vision of what we are able to achieve both in terms of meeting program requirements and, importantly, delivering significant benefits to the Canadian economy as we grow our own team and build critical capability in the home market supply chain.”

“Marshall is recognised globally as a market-leader in the design, manufacture and support of deployable infrastructure and we believe that our vast experience and expertise, when combined with that of the other partners on the team, will ensure the best solution, in terms of both quality and value, for the end user.”




General Dynamics is an economic driver for the nation’s defence industrial base, with a supply chain of more than 700 Canadian suppliers and extensive engagement from regional, small- and medium-sized enterprises from coast to coast.

The company plans to use the LVM project and key partners to leverage know-how from the best of industry to stimulate Canada’s global competitiveness in the post-pandemic economy while providing the highest-quality logistics solution to the Canadian Army.


Gabriel Oakley is a regular CDR contributor

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