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Launch of the DND: CAF Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Statement from: Bill Matthews, Deputy Minister, General Wayne Eyre, Chief of the Defence Staff

We are pleased to announce the release of the first-ever DND/CAF Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy [].

Aligned with the Government of Canada Digital Ambition [], the DND/CAF AI Strategy outlines how Defence will leverage AI technologies to deliver on its priorities. These include CAF reconstitution [], the development of new operational and corporate capabilities, and maintaining interoperability with our allies.

The DND/CAF AI Strategy contains five key lines of effort in support of our enterprise-wide digital transformation program:

• identifying and fielding key capabilities required by DND/CAF;

• creating a culture that is supportive of AI innovation;

• establishing principles, processes, and practices to ensure that our use of AI is ethical, legal, inclusive, safe, and trusted;

• managing talent and training to meet workforce needs; and

• deepening strategic partnerships, internally and externally, with allies, industry, and academia.

The Strategy articulates Defence’s digital ambitions to modernize and mature our organization for the complex future challenges and opportunities. The successful adoption of AI will only come through the transformation and optimization of our data and information management as well as our operational [] and business practices [].

We invite all Defence Team members to become familiar with the AI Strategy to better understand the benefits and how it will positively impact your work at Defence now and into the future.


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