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International Tactical Training Centre (ITTC) Trains Ukrainian Air Force Instructors

Formal request for training submitted to Canadian Government by Ukrainian Ministry of Defence

The International Tactical Training Centre is currently training two Ukrainian Air Force Instructors on a Fighter Lead-in Programme. The training commenced in October 2023 and is the result of an extended collaboration with the Ivan Kozhedub National Air Force University (KNAFU).

ITTC agreed on a dedicated syllabus for each of three classes of cadets at the university who are awaiting the opportunity to complete the training to NATO Phase IV standard on ITTC’s L-39 jets, the same platform they trained on in the Ukraine, but featuring an upgraded cockpit. In addition, the programme includes forty simulator hours on F-16 simulator and F-16 familiarisation ground school to enable them to readily adapt to the NATO provided F-16 training. Further, ITTC has also been providing online English language training to the cadets at KNAFU whilst they await their departure to Canada.
Based on their experience at ITTC and an audit on-site in 2023, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has submitted a formal request for the training of thirty cadets at ITTC to the Government of Canada. The ITTC programme is a customized training solution available right now and provides the Ukraine with a vital new cadre of fighter pilots, trained to Western standards by early 2025.

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