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HMCS Vancouver and Winnipeg Deployed on Exercise RIMPAC 2022 and Operations PROJECTION and NEON


Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Vancouver and Winnipeg and their embarked helicopter air detachments departed for a five month deployment in the Indo-Pacific region. Canada is deploying two frigates to work with allies and like-minded partners and to support government objectives to uphold the rules-based international order and international law.

The initial phase of the deployment will involve HMCS Vancouver and Winnipeg participating in the Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022 between June 29 and August 4, 2022, occurring in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California. Following the exercise, the ships will deploy for an additional four months until December 2022, on Operations PROJECTION and NEON, through which Canada contributes to regional peace and stability. The Canadian frigates will conduct numerous port visits and participate in multinational exercises under Operation PROJECTION, as well as contributing to collective efforts to monitor United Nations Security Council sanctions on North Korea under Operation NEON.

Our modern, professional maritime forces are capable and ready to work alongside allies and partners fostering stability and enhancing security around the world.

“It is a huge privilege as the new Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific & Joint Task Force Pacific to wish fair winds and following seas to HMCS Vancouver and HMCS Winnipeg as they depart for Exercise RIMPAC 2022 and subsequently deploy to the Indo-Pacific region to work with allies and partners in support of Canada’s interests in the area. Crewed by the very best teams that the Canadian Armed Forces has to offer, I can’t wait to witness all of their successes over the coming months.” Rear-Admiral Christopher Robinson, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific / Joint Task Force Pacific

“I am very proud that our collective team, including our close friends and shipmates from HMCS Winnipeg, together will be representing the Royal Canadian Navy at this year’s RIMPAC, and then on operations PROJECTION and NEON. After months of preparation for this tasking, it is an honour to uphold the Canadian Armed Forces’ commitment to working with allied and trusted partners in fostering peace and stability in the world, especially at this time of instability. Thank you to our families, friends, loved ones, and to the greater Defence community, for your support in getting us here.” Commander Kevin Whiteside, Commander HMCS Vancouver

“I am honoured that our team, in unison with our shipmates from HMCS Vancouver, will have the opportunity to participate in this year’s multinational maritime exercise RIMPAC, and followed by Operation PROJECTION. One with the strength of many, HMCS Winnipeg is ready to maintain Canada’s ongoing commitment to global peace, make the world more secure and enhance relationships with Canada’s allies and partners. I am extremely grateful to our families and friends for their unwavering support and inherent resiliency-you are the source of our strength.” Commander Annick Fortin, Commanding Officer HMCS Winnipeg



• The Indo-Pacific region is important to a broad range of Canadian interests. Security and stability in this region is important to Canadian prosperity now and in the future. The presence of the Canadian Armed Forces supports and advances peace, stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region.

• Canada’s participation in every iteration of RIMPAC since its inception in 1971, and Canadian naval presence in the Indo-Pacific region are strong examples of Canada’s long-standing commitment to peace and stability in the region.

• Canada’s participation in RIMPAC continues to provide unique training opportunities to our sailors, and increases the strength of our relationships with our allies and trusted partners in the Pacific.

• Again for this iteration of RIMPAC, the Royal Canadian Navy occupies key leadership positions, specifically Rear-Admiral Christopher Robinson will act as the Deputy Commander Combined Task Force RIMPAC, and Captain (Navy) Doug Layton as the Deputy Commander Combined Force Maritime Component Command. Canadian leadership in RIMPAC showcases the RCN’s excellence and professionalism at sea.

• During Operation PROJECTION, the Canadian Armed Forces conducts port visits, as well as training, exercises, and engagements with foreign navies and other international security partners. These deployments allows the CAF to work with partner nations to enhance military cooperation. Those activities will help build trust, bolster partnerships and improve interoperability with our partners.

• Operation NEON is Canada’s contribution to a coordinated multinational effort to support the implementation of United Nations Security Council sanctions imposed against North Korea. This operation demonstrates the importance that Canada places on security in the Indo-Pacific region, international security and the importance of upholding the UN Security Council sanctions regime.

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