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HFX Launches Ukraine Victory Fund

HFX has launched the worldwide Ukraine Victory Fund with an initial aim of raising $10 million to dramatically improve Ukraine’s access to satellite imagery as it fights Russia’s invasion.

The move comes after Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence asked for help in raising funds for a Dedicated Satellite Constellation (DSC) – a service provided by Earth observation satellite and data company, Satellogic – to track Russian troop movements and enhance the security of departure routes for refugees.


“We are launching the Ukraine Victory Fund because this is our war too, and we need to win,” said HFX President Peter Van Praagh. “We are choosing to aid Ukraine in the best way we can, delivering advanced capabilities for critical intelligence that will enable more timely and informed strategic decisions,” he added.

Satellogic will deploy its Dedicated Satellite Constellation service enabling Ukraine to manage a fleet of satellites for encrypted tasking and satellite imagery. It will drastically increase the country’s access to high-resolution images and video intelligence.

Currently, Ukraine receives satellite imagery from friendly governments and companies. This new system would fall under the direct control of the Ukrainian government.

“The Ukrainian fight against Russia’s criminal war has been inspirational. Let’s get them the tools they need,” said Van Praagh.

Donate to the Ukraine Victory Fund at or

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