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Heddle Shipyards Awarded the CCGS Amundsen Vessel Life Extension

Heddle Shipyards has been awarded the vessel life extension of the Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker, the CCGS Amundsen ushering in a new era of growth and stability for the storied Port Weller Dry Docks. Once the premier shipbuilding facility in Canada, the St. Catharines Shipyard employed upwards of 2000 people during peak operation. The CCGS Des Groseilliers, sister ship to the CCGS Amundsen and backbone of the Canadian Coast Guards large icebreaking fleet, was constructed at Port Weller in the early 1980s.

This week, the CCGS Amundsen will arrive at the Port Weller Dry Docks, where it will stay through June 2022. The eight-month refit valued at approximately $12,000,000 CAD will sustain over 100 direct jobs and support subcontractors and suppliers across the Niagara Region, Ontario, and Canada. Heddle Shipyards has also secured the dry docking of a seaway max laker at our Port Weller facility, ensuring a busy 2022 winter work season.

Heddle Shipyards will be hiring upwards of one hundred people across all positions to support the single largest project executed by the Port Weller Dry Docks under Heddle Shipyards’ management. “It is a truly exciting time for us,” says Heddle President Shaun Padulo, “projects like the CCGS Amundsen help reduce the boom and bust cycle of the ship repair and construction industry in Ontario and will allow us to continue to grow and strengthen our team. We are extremely grateful to the Canadian Coast Guard and the Government of Canada for a project that will support the revitalization of the shipbuilding industry in Ontario.”

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