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GSTS Expands Solution Offering to Ports, Terminal Operators, and Shipping Lines

Global Spatial Technology Solutions (GSTS) has expanded its solution offering to ports, terminal operators and shipping lines. OCIANATM Port Optimiser, OCIANATM Terminal Optimiser and OCIANATM Vessel Optimiser provide enhanced predictability and advanced planning to improve operational efficiency.

OCIANA™ Port Optimiser enables ports to benefit from actionable insights for inter-modal operations as well as environmental performance management.  

OCIANA™ Terminal Optimiser facilitates simulation-optimisation to minimise turnaround times and maximise resource utilisation, enabling planning and scheduling and uninterrupted last mile delivery as well as quick recovery from shock events.

OCIANA™ Vessel Optimiser provides a dynamic view of vessel operational and behavioural patterns on route, distance, speed, fuel consumption and emissions to enhance collaborative decision making and enable just-in-time arrival.

GSTS continues to offer its risk management solution to civil, defence and border security agencies. OCIANATM Risk Manager delivers predictive insights as well as actionable intelligence in real-time and has been recognised for enhanced detection and mitigation of security, commercial and environmental risk.

“We are very pleased to roll out our new capabilities that enhance maritime operational efficiencies and global logistics management while promoting environmental protection and supporting emission targets,” said Richard Kolacz, GSTS CEO. “These capabilities are currently used to establish digital maritime corridors that connect all elements of the maritime ecosystem. OCIANATM facilitates safe and sustainable movement of goods and enables rapid responses to climate, geo-political and social events.”

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