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GSTS Awarded Contract from DRDC to Provide Maritime Border Security & Surveillance Using its OCIANA AI Platform

Global Spatial Technology Solutions (GSTS) an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Maritime Analytics company, has been selected by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) to provide advanced Maritime Risk Detection and Assessment capabilities in support of maritime border security and surveillance. The solution will identify ships in an area of interest and using the cutting-edge techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning, consolidate a ship’s identity, movement history, and risk status with information collected from multiple sensors. Fusing the intelligence into a single operating picture, GSTS’s solution enables users to improve Maritime Domain Awareness. The total contract is funded under the Canadian Safety and Security Program.

This powerful solution will leverage OCIANA™, an AI-based platform developed by GSTS that rapidly processes data from multiple sensor sources to provide intelligence in near real-time. Using various satellite data sets, coupled with machine learning algorithms for object analysis, OCIANA™ enables customers to detect, assess and respond to maritime threats rapidly and effectively.

“This contract will enable GSTS to demonstrate the capability to satisfy many of the world’s most challenging maritime risk and threat detection issues pertaining to security, environmental and commercial risks. It will provide next-generation capabilities to satisfy the requirements of security, customs and immigration, defence, coast guard and environmental agencies on a global scale,” said Richard Kolacz, CEO of GSTS. “It is another example of the versatility of the maritime AI solutions developed by GSTS, and of the continually increasing revenue stream enabled by the OCIANA™ roll out.

The project is unique in that it will demonstrate the ability to use the proprietary AI algorithms developed by GSTS, with a country’s own surveillance datasets to provide enhanced Activity Based Intelligence. This enables nation states to use the GSTS solution within their existing maritime surveillance systems, to extract additional intelligence, or combine them with the OCIANA™ platform capabilities to provide enhanced Maritime Domain Awareness.

OCIANA™ is an AI-based platform developed by GSTS that rapidly processes satellite data with other datasets harvested from ocean, weather, and port activity to provide decision-making information in near real-time. OCIANA™ will provide enhanced situational awareness, decision-making and inter-agency communications capability to enable governments and agencies to respond to any maritime threat or incident.

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