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First F-35A for Poland Progressing on the Production Line

Image: Poland’s first F-35, known as AZ-01, is lifted by an overhead crane from the Fort Worth factory’s electronic mate and alignment station, where its major components were joined together to form the structure of the jet. Credit: Lockheed Martin

The first Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II for the Polish Air Force is standing with weight on wheels for the first time, a significant milestone for the jet as it moves down the production line at Lockheed Martin’s mile-long assembly plant in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Polish Air Force’s first F-35 was lifted by an overhead crane earlier this month from an electronic mate and alignment station where its forward and rear fuselage sections were joined to the wing-center fuselage assembly. The aircraft will now travel to final assembly, where its control surfaces will be added, along with final systems and engine installation.

Poland’s program of record calls for 32 F-35As. The first aircraft, designated AZ-01, will be delivered to the Polish Air Force later this year. The aircraft will initially be based at Ebbing Air National Guard Base, Arkansas, where Polish pilot training will take place.

Building on the strong legacy of the F-16, the F-35 will ensure the Polish Air Force can fulfill its NATO missions, enhancing regional security and protecting the alliance’s key interests. By serving as the most advanced 21st Century Security® solution, the F-35 will connect assets across domains to increase situational awareness for Poland and the joint force.

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