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From May 8 until May 22, 2023, approximately 2,500 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and partner military personnel will take part in Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 23 in Wainwright, Alberta.

Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE is the Canadian Army’s largest and most complex training exercise of 2023. This event ensures our soldiers are prepared to deploy in support of Canadians in any capacity, including combat operations.

“In an increasingly unstable global security situation, the Canadian Army must continue to prepare soldiers and teams with relevant, tangible, and meaningful capabilities that are ready to support of NATO and like-minded Allies. Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE brings together soldiers, equipment, and training to ensure we are ready to confront and defeat a near peer enemy on the modern battlefield.” – Lieutenant-General Jocelyn (Joe) Paul, Commander Canadian Army



• Most soldiers participating in Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 23 are from 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (5 CMBG), based in Valcartier, Quebec.

• This year, Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 23 is a key portion of a wider ‘spring training’ regimen for 5 CMBG in Wainwright. Exercise REFLEXE RAPIDE was a live fire exercise that served as the lead-up training for Ex MAPLE RESOLVE.

• Training is conducted in an immersive environment known as the Decisive Action Training Environment. Training activities are nested within a complex scenario in which the Canadian Armed Forces are called upon to fight alongside NATO allies against a peer enemy.

• The training on Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 23 is not mission or operation specific, but rather ensures CAF personnel are ready to respond to any operation or deployment in defence of Canada or Canadian interests.

• This comprehensive and complex Canadian Army training event, designed and developed by the Wainwright-based Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre, validates personnel from 5 CMBG as ready to deliver on the Canadian Army’s operational commitments.

• The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is providing aircraft and personnel to train on the exercise. This includes six CH-146 Griffon helicopters, two CH-147F Chinook helicopters, and approximately 300 personnel. The RCAF also provides airlift support to move personnel and equipment to and from the exercise from across Canada.

• This exercise is a key event to practice interoperability with international partners. This year approximately 200 soldiers from the United States and 100 from the United Kingdom are participating.

• Ex MAPLE RESOLVE ensures Canadian Army soldiers are ready to be mobilized as a brigade to respond to crises throughout the full spectrum of operations alongside Canada’s close allies and partners.

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