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Davie strengthens Québec’s shipbuilding industry by supporting the reorientation of its supplier association

Chantier Davie announced its support for the strategic reorientation of the Association des Fournisseurs de Chantier Davie Canada (AFCDC), aimed at broadening the association’s mandate to energize the entire shipbuilding supply chain in Québec. A motion proposing this name and mission change will be submitted at the Annual General Assembly on April 15, marking a significant evolution in the AFCDC’s vocation, and highlighting Davie’s commitment to strengthening all sectors of the Québec shipbuilding industry.

Since its creation, the AFCDC has played a crucial role in mobilizing more than 1,000 Québec companies, forming Davie’s network of suppliers, towards the integration of Davie into the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). The entire supply chain recognized that the inclusion of Davie as a strategic partner in the NSS would be a major lever for the Québec marine industry, and the AFCDC made it its mission to promote this vision. With the integration of Davie into NSS in April 2023, bringing the construction of at least nine ships to Lévis and an estimated $17 billion in economic impact by 2040, the Association is proud to have achieved its initial objective.

The project, initiated by visionary suppliers, quickly grew, thanks to the collaboration with Davie, and became a key player in Canadian shipbuilding in less than six years. This status was once again demonstrated at the 2023 Annual Meeting, which brought together nearly 800 industry representatives—the largest gathering entirely dedicated to the shipbuilding industry since the inception of the NSS. Since its foundation, AFCDC’s activities have focused on mobilizing Davie’s supply chain by bringing together Québec’s leading suppliers through the organization of major annual events, the preparation of specific training courses, the organization of information tours and, more recently, the establishment of a register dedicated to the shipbuilding industry.

With the support of Davie, the AFCDC is about to take an important step by changing its name and mission, with the aim of representing all players in the Québec shipbuilding supply chain. Davie is committed to maintaining close collaboration with the Association, whose efforts will henceforth be focused on rebuilding a robust, integrated shipbuilding supply chain in Québec.

“The transformation of the Association des Fournisseurs de Chantier Davie Canada marks an important milestone for the entire Québec marine industry,” said James Davies, President and CEO of Davie. “The Association has played an exceptional role, not only in supporting Davie in its successes, but also in forging a united community of more than a thousand Québec companies. It’s a source of pride for me to see this entity that I’ve watched grow turn its attention to a broader mission of promoting our shared vision of strengthening Québec as a global shipbuilding hub.”

Building on its six years of expertise, the Association will continue to work closely with the Government of Canada, the Government of Québec, and other strategic partners to promote our industry and maximize local benefits. Davie and the Association are enthusiastic about pursuing their shared vision, committed to propelling the entire Québec shipbuilding industry towards new horizons of excellence and innovation.

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