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Davie Delivers First New Icebreaking Capability to the CCG in a Generation

On November 23, 2020, Davie delivered CCGS Jean Goodwill to the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). As the first full conversion in the three-ship medium icebreaker program (MIB) designed to fill an operational gap for the CCG, the Jean Goodwill will now serve Canada with distinction out of her homeport in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, along with the CCGS Captain Molly Kool and the future CCGS Vincent Massey (once the latter have been fully converted to CCG specifications by Davie). It’s important for our readers to understand that the CCG’s stated goal of having three identical MIB icebreakers join their fleet is the single biggest addition of icebreaking capacity for the CCG in over a generation. The program has directly generated up to 450 well-paid jobs at Davie and suppliers across Canada have benefited.

As a pre-qualified partner to the National Shipbuilding Strategy, Davie will be the key icebreaking collaborator with Canada. The National Icebreaker Centre will be creating for Canada a fleet of ultra-modern, world class icebreakers that include not only the MIBs, but the six heavy Program Icebreakers (PIBs) and the much needed Polar icebreakers.

The CCGS Jean Goodwill is named in honour of the late Jean Goodwill, an Officer of the Order of Canada. Goodwill was a Cree nurse from the community of Little Pine Nation in Saskatchewan who in 1954, became Saskatchewan’s first Indigenous woman to finish a nursing program. Goodwill is also a founding member of the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada and a contemporary pioneer of public health services for Indigenous peoples.

The conversion work and refit completed on the CCGS Jean Goodwill included enhancing icebreaking capabilities and endurance, upgrading the propulsion control system, navigation and communication electronics, improvements to the galley and increased crew accommodation capacity.

The National Shipbuilding Strategy is providing the Canadian Coast Guard with the ships it needs to make sure our waters are safer, cleaner and healthier for all Canadians. The CCGS Jean Goodwill, along with its sister ships, CCGS Captain Molly Kool and the future CCGS Vincent Massey will support icebreaking operations while new ships are being built and the existing fleet undergoes repairs and planned maintenance periods. The CCGS Jean Goodwill will be based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and is expected to start assisting icebreaking operations in early 2021.

“Today we are honoured to welcome the CCGS Jean Goodwill to our growing Coast Guard fleet. Congratulations to Davie Shipbuilding and their incredible employees for all the hard work to bring this ship into service. This icebreaker, and the dedicated officers aboard, will provide essential services to Canadians by keeping our waters safe and our marine commercial routes open for business.” The Honourable Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

“Through the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the Government of Canada is equipping the Canadian Coast Guard with safe, effective vessels to carry out its important work in Canada’s waterways. The delivery of the CCGS Jean Goodwill at the start of the icebreaking season will ensure the safe passage of marine traffic, while continuing to maintain jobs and generate economic benefits for Canadians.” The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement

“Icebreakers are an essential component of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet and are fundamental to ensure safe navigation, prevent ice jams and flooding, and maintain shipping routes in Canadian waters . With the delivery of CCGS Jean Goodwill, today marks an important step in providing our members the equipment they need to continue to deliver icebreaking services from coast to coast to coast. The CCGS Jean Goodwill will bring much needed capacity while our existing ships are undergoing maintenance and repair work.” Mario Pelletier, Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard

“Davie, our workforce and suppliers are proud to deliver CCGS Jean Goodwill to our valued partner. As the first full conversion in the three-ship medium icebreaker program, Jean Goodwill will now serve Canada with distinction alongside CCGS Captain Molly Kool. The MIB program is the single biggest addition of icebreaking capacity in a generation, directly generating up to 450 well-paid jobs. As a pre-qualified National Shipbuilding Strategy partner, Davie will be a generational icebreaking collaborator with Canada. Our National Icebreaker Centre will create a fleet of ultra-modern, versatile ships to manage Canada’s domestic, geopolitical and climate priorities.” James Davies, President and Chief Executive Officer, Davie Shipbuilding

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