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GeoSpectrum Technologies

GeoSpectrum Technologies

Head Office Location in Canada: 

Dartmouth, NS

Defence related locations/operations within Canada:

Dartmouth, NS

Senior officer for Canadian operations:

Paul Yeatman, President

Annual Sales: 


Ticker Symbol:


Number of Employees:


Percentage of business - defence related:


Percentage of business within Canada:


Current DND Projects:

Several Acoustic processing contracts such as: • Software Tools for Analysis and Research • Signal Processing Algorithm Development and Support • Digital Preview Processor

Level of investment in R&D:

Last year GTI invested $1.5 million and committed over $2 million for investment in 2022.

Primary Activities, products, services:

The Company provides world-leading sonar systems and components to their customers. They are currently a world leader in low-frequency sonar systems and components that work in the Research and Development, oil and gas, and defence industries. They offer capabilities such as the CBass system, which is the smallest very low-frequency sonar system for its power capability. They also offer a submarine noise augmentation system to mask the sound of a submarine. Their flagship product, TRAPS, is the only modular system in production to date.
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