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Duke Marine Technical Services Canada

Duke Marine Technical Services Canada

Head Office Location in Canada: 

Burlington, ON

Defence related locations/operations within Canada:

Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC; St. John’s, NL

Senior officer for Canadian operations:

Sonia Logue, President

Annual Sales: 


Ticker Symbol:


Number of Employees:


Percentage of business - defence related:


Percentage of business within Canada:


Current DND Projects:

• JSS1 • JSS2 • OOSV • MPV

Level of investment in R&D:

Successful Training Center opened in Calgary, Alberta; dedicated to skills development for Oil and Gas workers transferring to the shipbuilding sector. Training and Skills Development proposal submitted to the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace to provide skills development training of new entrants into Aviation, Aerospace, Marine and Cyber Security sectors.

Primary Activities, products, services:

The Company provides Recruitment and Training Services. • Recruiting services: Duke Marine is a top tier recruitment firm who assists clients in finding superior candidates for their open job placements in an efficient and timely manner • Training Facility: Providing the tools and knowledge to individuals looking to upskill and enter new industries • Engineering Design Offices: Offices located in St. Johns and Calgary, housing several designers working on Canadian Defence Projects • ITB Services: Team dedicated to creating projects that align with clients’ Government ITB Obligations
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