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Cleeve Technology

Cleeve Technology

Head Office Location in Canada: 

Oshawa, ON

Defence related locations/operations within Canada:

Halifax, NS; Oshawa, ON

Senior officer for Canadian operations:

Paul Church, President

Annual Sales: 


Ticker Symbol:


Number of Employees:


Percentage of business - defence related:


Percentage of business within Canada:


Current DND Projects:

• Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship • Joint Support Ship • Canadian Surface Combatant • Land Command Support System • Naval Remote Weapons Station • Light Armoured Vehicle •Armoured Combat Support Vehicle • Polar Icebreaker • Logistics Vehicle Modernization • Tactical Protective System

Level of investment in R&D:

Cleeve constantly looks to solve challenging issues as related to interconnect via the use of new and inventive designs and materials and via testing and qualification to meet end user needs.

Primary Activities, products, services:

Cleeve Technology is a vertically integrated organization providing products and services on a wide range of airframes and platforms. Clients include military and commercial and are used on systems and platforms in air, sea and land. In addition, Cleeve has extensive “interconnect” manufacturing capabilities. It supplies products such as wire and cable, connectors, backshells, conduit, and heat shrinkable materials and shapes that are used extensively in military platforms and applications.
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