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Commemorative envelope salutes Royal Canadian Air Force’s centennial

RCAF celebrates 100 years as a distinct military branch of Canadian military

Canada Post issued a commemorative envelope marking the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

While thousands of Canadians served in the British flying services during the First World War, it wasn’t until after the war that military aviation became a permanent part of Canada’s defence organization.

In 1920, the government authorized a temporary Canadian Air Force, and members served on a part-time basis. After receiving the “Royal” designation from King George V, the RCAF became a permanent component of the Canadian military on April 1, 1924.

The RCAF is tasked with defending and protecting Canadian and North American airspace. It also regularly provides assistance in search-and-rescue emergencies and natural disasters in Canada, and has contributed to major Canadian military deployments in EuropeAfrica, the Middle East and Asia.

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