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Commander of the Canadian Army Visits Soldiers in Iraq

The Commander of the Canadian Army, Lieutenant-General Jean-Marc Lanthier completed a visit to Iraq this week where he met with Canadian personnel deployed on Operation IMPACT.

Lieutenant-General Lanthier, along with Canadian Army Sergeant-Major, Chief Warrant Officer Stu Hartnell, as well as the Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Army Paul Hindo, visited the Canadian soldiers who are helping to build the capacity of the Iraqi security forces, contributing to developing key leaders, and building institutional capacity in Iraq. In addition, Canadian soldiers are providing air transportation and intelligence personnel in support of NATO and the Global Coalition to defeat Daesh.

During the visit, Lieutenant-General Lanthier also met with senior Canadian Army members serving in Iraq, including Commander of Joint Task Force-Iraq, Brigadier-General Colin Keiver, and Commander of NATO Mission Iraq, the NATO training and advisory mission, Major-General Dany Fortin.

As outlined in Strong, Secure, Engaged, Canada’s Defence Policy, the Canadian Armed Forces are prepared and equipped to advance Canadian international security objectives, and to operate with our Allies and partners to defeat armed adversaries and respond to instability around the world. The aim of Canada’s mission in Iraq is to help their security forces achieve long-term security and stability for Iraq and the surrounding region.

“It was a pleasure to meet with the Canadian Army soldiers currently serving in Iraq. The training, advice and skills our members are sharing with the Iraqi security forces will help our partners and Allies achieve their military objectives and improve stability in the region. I am proud of the role that the Canadian Army and the Canadian Armed Forces as a whole play on the international stage.” Lieutenant-General Jean-Marc Lanthier, Commander Canadian Army




• The Canadian Armed Forces’ mission, in support of NATO and the Global Coalition, is helping to set the conditions for the long-term success of regional partners by enabling their security forces to plan more effectively and execute military operations aimed at degrading and defeating Daesh and improving security and stability in the region.

• Joint Task Force-Iraq is responsible for the national command and control of the approximately 850 personnel deployed under Operation IMPACT, including those contributing to NATO Mission Iraq, and for the coordination of operations with the Global Coalition headquarters.

• NATO Mission Iraq consists of approximately 580 NATO personnel. Up to 250 CAF members have joined partner countries in helping Iraq build a more effective national security structure and improve training for Iraqi security forces.

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