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Canadian Armed Forces Selects Delta Development Team to Enhance Frontline Medical Capacity

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has announced its selection of Delta Development Team, Inc. to provide innovative products aimed at bolstering the medical capacity of frontline troops. This significant decision underscores Canada’s commitment to equipping its military with cutting-edge solutions to save lives in high-pressure situations.

The APRU is specifically designed for Arctic Operations, with an embedded heater that prevents blood from freezing in cold climates. This unique feature sets it apart from its competitors and makes it suitable for operations in a full spectrum of climatic conditions; the APRU was selected by the Canadian Armed Forces due to this unique feature.

CAF announced selection of DDT to provide products aimed at bolstering frontline medical capacity.

DDT, renowned for its expertise in developing life-saving devices, has been awarded a prestigious five-year contract to supply several Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Units (APRUs) annually over the duration of the agreement. These APRUs play a pivotal role in facilitating safe and effective blood transfusions on the frontlines, a critical aspect of modern battlefield medicine.

Canada’s Armed Forces and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) both are pioneering efforts to advance the capabilities of providing timely blood transfusions in combat zones. Research conducted by the Joint Trauma System indicates that administering blood within 30 minutes of severe bleeding significantly enhances the chances of survival. Recognizing the challenges of evacuating casualties to definitive care within this timeframe, Canada and Israel are at the forefront of supporting innovation in this field.

Drawing from the experiences of the Australian Defense Force (ADF), which employs APRUs extensively during overseas deployments, Canada acknowledges the importance of proactive preparedness. By bringing blood forward on missions, militaries can effectively anticipate and respond to worst-case scenarios, ensuring readiness in the face of adversity.

The APRU, rigorously tested to military standards by esteemed institutions such as the US Air Force Research Lab and the US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, has demonstrated its effectiveness as a mil-standard product. Its reliability and functionality make it a vital asset in enhancing the medical capabilities of armed forces worldwide even in the most austere locations.

DDT is honored to collaborate with the Canadian Armed Forces in their mission to safeguard the lives of military personnel in the most challenging environments. As Canada eagerly anticipates the launch of the next DDT product, the Total Blood System, boasting unparalleled capacity and battery longevity for blood refrigeration, the partnership between DDT and the CAF stands as a testament to innovation in military medical solutions.

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