In today’s signing of Canada’s Strategic Sourcing Agreement, HFI Pyrotechnics becomes the first new company added to the Munitions Supply Program in almost 40 years as Canada’s Strategic Source and Centre of Excellence for pyrotechnics.

The agreement solidifies the source of supply in Canada for essential pyrotechnic materiel, products, and services, creating a new vehicle to maintain and further develop a Canadian industrial defence capability in production, technology, and research related to pyrotechnics-based products.

John Witherspoon, President and CEO, stated, “it is gratifying to have the Government of Canada recognize HFI’s talented team of manufacturing experts and record of achievement in this historic, precedent-setting selection.  As the Munition Supply Program’s newest contributing member, HFI will continue to support our armed forces, through the establishment, strengthening and maintenance of a sustainable Canadian industrial capability (the prime directive of the program).”

This Strategic Source Agreement establishes a close collaborative Government-Industry environment that will help sustain 65 highly technical and skilled jobs and sets the foundation for positive growth internationally,” Witherspoon continued.  

As Canada’s Centre of Excellence for pyrotechnics, HFI has satisfied the Canadian Armed Forces’ operational and training requirements for pyrotechnics for over 147 years. 

The company is on a mission to develop and deliver cost-effective, safe and trusted pyrotechnic products and engineering services to global Defence and Security markets in an efficient and socially responsible manner.  

HFI is the sole supplier of all marine location markers for Canada’s and the U.S.’s Navy and is the world’s supplier of military and commercial search and rescue markers for other navies, coast guards, and security forces around the globe. 

Its ideally located 500-acre test and production facility in Eastern Ontario provides support to the Canadian government and industry clients, as well as U.S. and international exports.