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Canada Renews Two International Military Missions Until March 2023


The Government of Canada understands the critical importance of continuing to contribute to multinational operations around the world to support international stability and security. To this end, the Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence, announced that the Government of Canada is extending two international Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) missions—Operation IMPACT and Operation PRESENCE— through to March 2023.

Since 2014, through Operation IMPACT, the CAF have been contributing military support to Canada’s whole-of-government approach to advancing peace and stability in the Middle East, which also includes development and humanitarian support. Today, the Government announced this operation has been extended by one year to March 31, 2023.


Operation IMPACT

This one-year renewal will allow the CAF to continue to play an important role in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon, helping to support peace and security. As part of the Global Coalition against Da’esh and NATO Mission Iraq, the CAF will continue to work with its partners and Allies to ensure the enduring defeat of Da’esh and to promote regional stability. The renewal of Operation IMPACT will also allow the CAF to continue to provide training and capacity-building assistance to the Iraqi Security Forces, the Jordanian Armed Forces and the Lebanese Armed Forces.

The CAF’s presence in the Middle East supports regional partners’ security forces, improving security in the region. The international response against Da’esh has reduced the suffering of many vulnerable populations. We will continue to stand with our partners and Allies to help bring security and stability to the region.


Operation PRESENCE

Operation PRESENCE, the CAF contribution to the Government of Canada’s United Nations (UN) peace operations strategy, Today the Government announced the one year extension of this mission until March 31, 2023.

This renewal will enable the CAF to continue supporting Canada’s UN peace operations strategy through continued contribution of key military capabilities to United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Our Canadian Armed Forces have been working with partners and Allies since 2014 to improve Iraqi security forces’ capabilities and providing training and capacity-building assistance to the Jordanian Armed Forces and the Lebanese Armed Forces. The extension of this mission means that CAF will continue to work with regional partners and NATO allies in these efforts through March 2023. I sincerely thank all of our CAF personnel deployed to the region for their important contributions to global peace and stability, and for representing the very best of Canada.” The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence



Operation Impact

Canada’s military efforts are diverse and include: • Contributions to the Global Coalition against Da’esh; • Contributions to NATO Mission Iraq (NMI); and• Contributions to building the military capabilities of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

• Since its launch in 2014, Operation IMPACT has provided training to 4,500 Iraqi Security Force members, over 3,400 members of the Lebanese Armed Forces, and 400 members of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

• In support of the Coalition, Canada conducts train, advise and assist operations with the Iraqi Security Forces and deploys personnel to enhance in-theatre tactical transport, including casualty evacuations, if required.

• Canada’s current contribution to NMI includes 16 Canadian Armed Forces personnel.

• Joint Task Force IMPACT headquarters continues to operate in Kuwait and includes an Air Detachment comprising two CC-130J Hercules Tactical Airlift aircraft. Its movement of personnel and cargo in the joint area of operations is contributing significantly to Coalition, NATO, and bilateral efforts to build the military capacity of partner nations in the region through its safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

Operation PRESENCE

Under Op PRESENCE Canada’s contributions have included: • Deploying and employing an Air Task Force in support of MINUSMA as part of Operation Presence – Mali; • Providing tactical airlift support to UN peacekeeping operations in Africa; • Providing training support to peace operations to assist the UN’s Engagement Platoon Initiative aimed at enhancing situational awareness of the UN infantry battalion by mapping the demography of the area of operations and helping identify vulnerable areas and at-risk populations.

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