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Canada Releases its Official Indo-Pacific Strategy

The rise of the Indo-Pacific and the profound impacts the region will have on the lives of all Canadians demand a comprehensive, whole-of-society strategy to guide Canada’s actions. Canada must invest resources and build knowledge and capacity to engage. How Canada engages in the region will set the pace for the future and prosperity of our economy, security and stability.

To seize opportunities in the national interest of Canadians, while defending the values they hold dear, Canada will invest in building capacity to engage with countries across the region, while paying particular attention to Australia, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, China, India, Japan, Pacific Island Countries, the Republic of Korea and New Zealand.

The Strategy outlines five interconnected strategic objectives:

  1. Promote peace, resilience and security
  2. Expand trade, investment and supply chain resilience
  3. Invest in and connect people
  4. Build a sustainable and green future
  5. Canada as an active and engaged partner to the Indo-Pacific

Read the full strategy here:

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