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Canada Acquires Marinvent’s Synthesis® Software for the RCAF

Marinvent has delivered its Synthesis® compliance software tool to the Government of Canada for testing under Innovative Solutions Canada, formerly known as the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP).

Marinvent’s “Synthesis®” is a powerful, purpose-built, simple-to-use, Oracle® web-based software tool for planning, optimization and management of complex programs that require the definition, collection and documentation of compliance artefacts against rigorous, externally-governed, processes and standards. Synthesis® saves customers enormous amounts of time and money on certification programs, provides a real framework for re-use and provides management with an ideal tool to help integrate the supply chain and manage program risk.

Synthesis® ensures the completeness of compliance programs and provides real time visibility into the current status of such efforts, to minimize risk and add management oversight. Synthesis® removes inconsistencies in certification documentation and forges unbreakable links between test standards and test results to ensure complete traceability, including on all modifications made to its database, without adding to the user’s workload.

“The BCIP program is fundamental to Marinvent’s launch of Synthesis”, said Alistair Chapman, Director Marketing at Marinvent. “The Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE) is an ideal launch customer for Synthesis®, and BCIP is one of the most relevant and important government programs out there for us.”

Synthesis® also links the governing requirements and corresponding test results at every level and does not allow test results to be detached from the governing requirements that they are linked to, nor does it allow the creation of unattached items. This means that every requirement has an unbreakable connection to all applicable supporting documents, corresponding test results, and, finally to the acceptance records required by certification/airworthiness authorities.

“We believe the benefits that we will demonstrate to AETE will have equal applicability to other parts of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF),” said Dr. John Maris, President at Marinvent.

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